I’ve got to admit I have never really asked the question, “Why me?”. That’s not me being brave or ‘inspirational’, it’s just never really crossed my mind. After the general shock and realisation of the magnitude of everything that had gone on in such a short space of time, I came to the conclusion that this could only bring good from now on.

It was a very strange feeling, a kind of excited nervousness that came from understanding just how lucky I was. Over the months that followed the feeling grew stronger and stronger until I realised exactly what I was meant to do. I am not a religious person, I don’t practice a religion but that doesn’t mean to say I don’t have belief. I do believe in fate.

When I think about the human body, the way it is designed overwhelms me. We have ways to withstand so much pain and loss. Our bodies adapt so effortlessly, form new paths in the brain to make best of a new situation. It is utterly amazing how we are made, all the systems we own. How on earth did we manage to get to this stage of evolution? There must be a reason behind it all? Isn’t there?

All I know is there are some wonderful things happening in the future and for me to be a part of that is phenomenal. Watch this space…