I stumbled across the video below today by Nancy Evelyn Andrews. When she was admitted to the surgical ICU she suffered with delirium and Post ICU Syndrome.

When I was in the ICU after surviving the transfer from East Surrey to St. Thomas’ I suffered with awful delirium. It was CONSTANT. Everything seemed to role into one huge confused mess. There was no beginning or end to it and to this day all the memories I collected during my stay still seem so very real.

It is a growing problem among patients who have been extremely ill. In order to mask all the pain and sedation you are on narcotics consistently through the day and night. The times you are awake are clouded with strange people and events happening that you know in your heart of hearts aren’t real, but at the same time they are RIGHT THERE in front of you. How can they not be real?

In my time in East Wing 1 I got smuggled out on a private aircraft to a different country, was kidnapped and held at gun point multiple times, performed magic and was given the huge task of saving the entire work whilst being able to find a way to carry on the human species. And that’s only the start of it!

From July 27th (The one year anniversary of my diagnosis) I will be sharing all my delirium stories plus the day to day diary kept by my family and friends. I still can’t believe how far we have all come from then. We have just passed the 300 day mark! Silly, but also so exciting. We are all so immeasurably greatful :)

Nancy Evelyn Andrews Official Links:
Website: http://www.nancyandrews.net/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/NancyAndrews15