It’s funny to think about what I was doing a year ago. In some ways it seems like yesterday and in others it’s like an eternity.

A year ago it was Eurovision night, just like it was tonight. I was sitting in the other room, on the floor folding laundry whilst Matt and the kids were watching the contest live on TV.

I remember sitting there thinking of all the washing I had to put away, my job and what plan of attack I would have come September when my hours would be considerably cut down and I would have to add a couple of new families to my little childminding group.

A year on however I sat there thinking of all the funny things that went on in my day, my new post meningitis friends and wondering if, come September, I will be done with all my surgeries or if there will be more to go.

It seems so silly now to think that I was in an opposite room to my little team instead of being in the same room as them joining in with all the laughter and score politics.

2 months later my life would be unknowingly altered in ways I, at the time, would never of been able to understand.

So tonight I sat down to watched Eurovision and laughed along at Sir Terrys’ jokes and like most of Europe routed for Austria to win the title this year.

People always say it but it can’t be said enough. Enjoy the little whiles. Because even in just a few moments the life you lead may be totally altered. Well done Austria you were brilliant! Even the politics of most of the EU have changed in a year ;)

I wonder what next year will be like?