Isn’t social networking amazing? Finally after a week of meaning to go online and reply to my emails I noticed I had an email in that ridiculous ‘other’ folder on Facebook. Why does Facebook make it SO hard to contact people?

I opened the message from a lovely lady called Colette. What she wrote left me utterly speechless:

Dear Sophie,

Hope you don’t mind the random message from a stranger, but I saw the article in the Surrey mirror online about your ECMO ordeal and identified with this.

I just wanted to say I think you are a total hero and inspiration and your article has helped my family and me a lot.

In March my mum got pneumonia and within 24 hours had complete respiratory failure and all other organs failed. She was at St. Peter’s chertsey and the team from st Thomas’ (Dr Ioannou) came to retrieve her and put her on ECMO. She was on ecmo at Tommy’s and sedated for 2 wks but pulled through.

Her fingers and toes though were black from noradrenaline and we are now back at St. Peter’s and she had her toes taken off last week.

It is so hard but I think you look amazing and I hope everything is going really well for you and you are happy. We are having quite a tough time after the feet operation.

Happy bank holiday and enjoy the sunshine.


Sitting there. Completely speechless. Tears rolling down my face.

Not only did her Mum suffer very similar complications to me but she was picked up by the exact ECMO team that came and got me.

We completely idolize Dr. Nick Ioannou. The best way I can describe him is simply using the words COOL. CALM. COLLECTED. When he came to retrieve me, my friends and family were completely distraught. Not only were they not sure if the ECMO team were available to come, it was very doubtful I would make it through the night.

So as soon as Nick walked in, the place went still. He told my family exactly what was going to happen and what to expect. We all describe him as a Greek God. All he has to do is be there for you to feel his presence. You have instant trust in him and his capabilities.

When I was finally awake at Tommies I suffered with a lot of heavy delirium. Even to this day I can remember it all so clearly. The ICU nurses were beyond extraordinary, they have such a time consuming busy job but yet work far past exceptional. I truly believed that I was in a private hospital. I had had such bad experiences with my local hospital that in my mind it was ludicrous that they were powered by the same governing body. I was convinced that Nick was the master, that he ran the whole show. I could not be told any different. And that is how Nick got the title of ‘Main man Nick’. We love ALL of you that work in East Wing 1 at St. Thomas’. You will always be our heros.

THANK YOU COLETTE. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your Mum’s and your families’ story. If anyone ever wants to contact me please do so. For anything :)

Please keep Colette and her family in your thoughts and prayers. It’s such a hard road to have to face but unfortunately you can only experience what a good day is by having a bad one. It takes its toll on everyone. Sometimes the family even more so than the person who is going through it all.

Thank you everyone who is still reading this, keep sharing the signs and symptoms for Meningitis and Septicaemia. It is oh so important. xxxx