So today I had an appointment with Neurology at Gassiot House. I got picked SUPER early and found myself with a few hours to spare so I made my way up to the 8th floor to visit my lovely plastics ward. I always love visiting, it’s so nice to know you can just walk in and not have to stay! I chatted with a few friendly faces and dropped off a load of no longer needed medical supplies, chatted some more and then made my way back down for my appt.

I started to feel nervous that I was in the wrong place. Was my appt. At Guys or Tommies. I was sure it said Tommies on the letter but some of the nurses made me doubt I was in the right hospital! I checked in and it seemed to go through alright but a half hour later I wasn’t so sure. I mean this would be the kind of thing I would do. I was just about to get up and leave when FINALLY my name appeared *phew*

The appointment was brilliantly uneventful :) I met with my new neuro consultant Dr. Rupert Oliver, he was great and asked me lots of questions. We have put my seizures down to bodily stress as they always follow operations and long stays in hospital.

I still have a lot of left side weakness and numbing due to a TIA (Transient Ischaemic Attack aka mini stroke). This may or may not get better but to be honest I never notice it unless it’s pointed out during testing. There may be tiny scars that haven’t been picked up on scans in my brain or along my spinal cord from the meningitis that has caused this weakness. He isn’t sure but for now, unless it gets worse, he isn’t worried. Good enough for me!

So appart from migraines there isn’t much else wrong neurologically so unless anything gets worse or I have another seizure I am officially discharged from Neuro! Woohoo!

Neuro. Check.
Ortho. Tomorrow.