So it looks as if I will be having another big operation in the middle of May. It’s not 100% confirmed yet but I just saw my consultant Ms. Rose.

The plan is to wait until I get my specially made insoles (when I was inpatient in Feb the orthotics team came over and got a mould of my feet by putting them in a type of oasis foam and getting me to stand up to get the best print possible) from the orthotics team at Guys on 10th and see if they make any difference.

I hope they will but it’s quite unlikely. It seems as if the graft on my sole is completely sheering away. Even if I was non weight bearing for a few months I would still eventually have to use it as a normal foot and at the moment it just won’t support that.

SO… if the insoles don’t work I will be booked in for a full thickness skin graft when I see Rosie at the beginning of May. I think it’s going to be the best idea. It’s just annoying to think that I will be inpatient again so soon. It’s a good thing I love my ward!