Day +212 since being diagnosed with Meningococcal Septicaemia
Day +26 since being back (again!) on Alan Apley Ward @ St. Thomas’

This morning I had surgery to remove the nail beds completely on my right index, middle and ring fingers. I keep growing teeny sharp useless nails on those fingers and they are pain annoying. They cut through my skin and make my fingers yet another source of infection. The surgery was carried out by my original surgeon, Javier, who amputated my finger tips and stitched them all up back in November.

I was given a local as I have been having way too many generals. My kidneys do not like them! Every time I am anesthetised my eGFR temporarily goes down by 10 or more and my creat. as well as my potassium rises quite considerably.

Apart from the initial pain of the injection the whole procedure was fine and the team removed my nail beds completely. My index finger was a bit of a different story. In the end they had to remove the top joint as the bone was infected, most likely osteomyelitis. I was watching the surgery and the bone looked grey unlike my very white middle joint. This wasn’t too much of a shock as it gives me a good idea as to why it wasn’t really healing. It has always been the worst finger.

Estimated discharge date is now sometime next week. We will see if this plan holds up, I have heard those words far too many times!

Every time you go down to surgery your blue notes go down with you. Below is the current page count. Ridiculous aren’t they!