Day 329

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I’ve got to admit I have never really asked the question, “Why me?”. That’s not me being brave or ‘inspirational’, it’s just never really crossed my mind. After the general shock and realisation of the magnitude of everything that had gone on in such a short space of time, I came to the conclusion that this could only bring good from now on. It was a very strange feeling, a kind of excited nervousness...

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Day 304

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I stumbled across the video below today by Nancy Evelyn Andrews. When she was admitted to the surgical ICU she suffered with delirium and Post ICU Syndrome. When I was in the ICU after surviving the transfer from East Surrey to St. Thomas’ I suffered with awful delirium. It was CONSTANT. Everything seemed to role into one huge confused mess. There was no beginning or end to it and to this day all the memories I collected during my stay...

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Day 296 – Eurovision!

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It’s funny to think about what I was doing a year ago. In some ways it seems like yesterday and in others it’s like an eternity. A year ago it was Eurovision night, just like it was tonight. I was sitting in the other room, on the floor folding laundry whilst Matt and the kids were watching the contest live on TV. I remember sitting there thinking of all the washing I had to put away, my job and what plan of attack I would have come...

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Day 292

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Isn’t social networking amazing? Finally after a week of meaning to go online and reply to my emails I noticed I had an email in that ridiculous ‘other’ folder on Facebook. Why does Facebook make it SO hard to contact people? I opened the message from a lovely lady called Colette. What she wrote left me utterly speechless: Dear Sophie, Hope you don’t mind the random message from a stranger, but I saw the article in the...

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Day 280 – World Meningitis Day!

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Today is World Meningitis Day and the launch of my website Bacterial meningitis affects over 3400 people in the UK every year. 1 in 10 will die and more than half will have to live with disabilities for the rest of their lives! Become aware. Learn the facts. Meningitis strikes fast and furious. The timeline between getting ill and death is approx 20 hours. A rash often but does not always occur! Look out for...

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Day 256

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So today I had an appointment with Neurology at Gassiot House. I got picked SUPER early and found myself with a few hours to spare so I made my way up to the 8th floor to visit my lovely plastics ward. I always love visiting, it’s so nice to know you can just walk in and not have to stay! I chatted with a few friendly faces and dropped off a load of no longer needed medical supplies, chatted some more and then made my way back down for my...

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